I recently heard an interesting story from a Christian friend of mine. A friend of hers had experienced a terrible tragedy during this last year which, of course (Praisalluia!), shows their god’s power and goodness in all his glory. A daughter of this friend had been in a tragic four wheeler accident which resulted in several broken bones and a head injury. Glory to their god!

Because of the fervent prayers of the many at their church this girl made a comparatively quick recovery and was sent home from the hospital sooner than expected (she has not fully recovered in any sense of the word as she still requires assistance from family at home). As expected, however, their god gets praise because the doctors say it is a miracle that she is doing so well so quickly. Did I mention that she also has had seven brain hemorrhages as a result of her injury? Regardless their god is a good a loving fellow.

If the giving praise to their invisible one wasn’t enough to make one a little sick in the stomach, the story gets a little more twisted. This girl was contemplating visiting a boyfriend in another state and it seems as if her parents did not approve. Her mother relates that she feels a little guilty in that she had prayed to her god to intervene in this girl’s horrible and sinful plans to keep her from going. It seems that this accident was the answer to her prayers. Praisealluia isn’t their god good? Can this mom really love a god who would do this to her daughter? It is like “come on god, I wanted you to stop her, yes, but I didn’t want you to nearly kill her.” And what does it say about any parent who praises the author of such pain for their child? Not too surprisingly, as a result of this accident the girl relates that she feels closer to her god than ever before. I’m guessing that she probably feels the imagined “fear” of her god more than ever and thinks she better shape up or she’ll really get shipped out — what a taste of glory divine.

When my friend related this story to me I said, “I’m glad I no longer serve a sick masochistic god that would this to a young girl.” Her reply: “I’m glad I serve him — these types of things keep people in place”. I could have screamed but chose to just let it go and change the subject. How does one respond to a statement as caustic and horrible as that? Horrible god, horrible beliefs.

What kind of sad sick ideology is this that would give praise to a god for teaching his child obedience in such a horrible way? Further, I will never understand why Christians do not hold their god to the same moral law that they hold man to. If this girl’s earthly father would have caused an accident such as this to happen to his daughter, in order to teach her a lesson, a court of law would put him away for a very long time. But, per usual their god gets off scott free. The “heavenly” father has no laws to keep him within the lines of goodness and propriety.

And they call atheists evil.

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