I was looking through the church ads in the newspaper last Saturday when one of them caught my eye. The motto of this church was “For Those Who Want More”. What exactly does that mean? More of what? Does it mean more Jesus or more emotion or more sermons or more people or more coffee and pastries (yup they have a shop on site) or what? Now I happen to know that this is a Charismatic/Pentecostal type church so they are very emotionally centered so do I assume a more emotionally charged service? How about more Christian love and kindness? If so, they have a funny way to show it. A few years back my dad and I were taking a rental car back to the airport when it stopped running right outside the church. No one helped us and they looked at us like lepers when we asked to use a phone to call the rental company. Not exactly friendly to a stranger in need, so maybe it’s not about Christian love. So maybe it is all about more Jesus? If so, how do you get more of Him? Maybe it’s all about lengthy sermons? Then again, maybe it is all about more coffee and pastries. Their web site says “We carry a variety of different pastries including bagels, scones, cookies, and more, an assortment of cold and hot beverages such as smoothies, lattes, cappuccinos, chillers, and more”. At least that would be practical.

One thing we can know for certain is that “MORE” certainly doesn’t mean more logic, more reason, or more reality.

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