Do you believe in hell? Really believe in it or just give it lip service?

Robert Ingersoll in 1877 said:

“I do not believe this doctrine, neither do you. If you did, you could not sleep one moment. Any man who believes it, and has within his breast a decent, throbbing heart, will go insane. A man who believes that doctrine and does not go insane has the heart of a snake and the conscience of a hyena.” (“The Liberty of All”)

If you really believe in hell would any of you bring children into this world if there were even a small possibility of this unspeakable torture happening to them? Wouldn’t it be a monstrosity to even consider such an act? Do you really believe those friends and family, not saved by the blood of Jesus, will be tortured forever in the pit of hell? Could you even live with such a thought for even a moment without breaking out into tears of pain? Do you really believe a loving, caring and compassionate God would be so prideful and arrogant as to throw everyone into an eternal fire because of a lack of faith in Him WHICH He Himself gives or withholds? Could such a God really destroy the bulk of His creation with such wanton callousness?

Think about it Christian, do you really believe in hell?

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