The February 2009 issue of Church & State Magazine has the following article:

In A Bid To Keep Religious Symbols On Public Land, Anti-Separationist Forces Have Declared The Christian Cross To Be Secular.

“But in July, U.S. District Judge Larry Alan Burns said the Latin cross sends a non-religious message of “military service, death and sacrifice.” Burns ruled the Latin cross could stay standing because it is not a religious symbol, but rather a symbol of American patriotism … Secularizing the central symbol of Christianity is the newest tactic by anti-separationist groups to preserve government displays of the cross and America’s “Christian heritage.” Americans United is trying to counter that legal movement, and hopes to stop it, beginning in the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals when the court hears the Mt. Soledad case.”

I find this simply amazing. In order to keep a religious symbol on public property Christians are claiming it is a secular symbol. Isn’t this like shooting yourself in the foot? How can a Christian, in good conscience, make such a statement? Isn’t there a commandment against lying? I guess you can break all sorts of commandments if you are doing it for god. So much for moral integrity.

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