“Brother Richard” of Atheist Nexus and Life Without Faith has posted an open letter to “Pastor” Rick Warren of Saddleback Church regarding the Presidental “debate” held there a few days ago. It is well worth reading (http://lifewithoutfaith.com/index.php?/archives/69-An-Open-Letter-To-Pastor-Rick-Warren.html).

For those that don’t know, Rick Warren is an extremely influential evangelical leader who was made famous by the publication of his book “The Purpose Driven Life“. The book’s goal is to teach Christians how to live the Christian (purpose driven) life. Basically, there are no accidents, God is control of everything, and you have a divinely appointed plan made just for you. While it’s popularity is unmistakable, it’s full of drivel, cherry-picked scriptures, out of context biblical quotes, and really bad psychology. For a devastating critique of the book, see Robert Price’s “The Reason Driven Life“.

It’s sad that both presidential candidates felt the need to cater to this man and his church.

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