I received this email today and thought it might be interesting to those in the Madison area.

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Pub Politico is a new monthly event in Madison, WI. Held the second Sunday of the month, the Pub is an opportunity for anyone to participate in discussions about current political issues with experts, legislators, and other concerned citizens. We’ll meet from 2-4pm in the cozy upstairs lounge (overlooking the State Capitol) at Brocach on the Capitol Square (7 W. Main St, Madison). Go to www.pubpolitico.org for detailed info and to register for email alerts for upcoming Pubs.

The first Pub, January 10th, features Shawn Francis Peters who will be discussing public regulation of religious behavior and the current debate in Wisconsin over state law that appears to exempt parents from criminal prosecution for the death of a child when they choose prayer and other faith practices over standard medical care. There’s a bill currently moving through the Assembly to remove the exemption ? AB590 sponsored by Rep. Terese Berceau. For a little background about the issue read Shawn Peters’ opinion from the Wisconsin State Journal – http://www.jsonline.com/news/opinion/76478192.html.

On February 14th, Tim Ewing ? Outreach Director of Fair Wisconsin, will be speaking on “Building a Fair Wisconsin”, and why the denial of marriage hurts gay and lesbian families who live in every county of Wisconsin. www.fairwisconsin.com

Future topics include privacy laws and the psychology of politics. Feel free to suggest topics and speakers for future Pubs.

See you at the Pub!

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